[(A)2 (dm)-2 (i)-1.1 (t)-2 ( )-50.9 (t)-1.1 (ha)3 (t)-1.9 ( )-50 (E)1.8 (P)-4.8 (A)1.9 ( )-49 (c)13.9 (l)-1.9 (a)3.1 (s)9.8 (si)-4.7 (f)13 (i)-1.9 (e)13.9 (d )-49.1 (g)9 (l)-11.9 (y)30.8 (phosa)12.1 (t)-2.8 (e)4.8 ( )-50.8 (a)14 (s )-51.1 (a)3.9 ( )-39.9 (Gr)5 (ou)10 (p )-49.9 (C)-2.9 ( )-59.2 (\226 )-50.9 (poss)-3 (i)-2 (bl)-1.1 (e)3 ( )-49 (hu)9 (m)-1.9 (a)14 (n )-49.1 (c)3.9 (a)3.1 (r)3 (c)14.1 (i)-2 (nog)10 (e)4 (n )]TJ )Tj [(i)-1.1 (nqui)-2 (r)-7.9 (y)20.8 ( i)-2.8 (nt)-2 (o t)-2 (he)4 ( i)-2 (nf)3.8 (or)3 (m)-1.9 (a)3.9 (t)-1.9 (i)-12 (on t)-2 (ha)3.1 (t)-1.1 ( i)-2 (s )-2 (kn)-2 (own )1.7 (or)4 ( r)3 (e)4.8 (a)4 (di)-12.7 (l)-12 (y)20.7 ( obt)-2.7 (a)4.7 (i)-1.9 (na)3.9 (bl)-1.9 (e)3.1 (, i)-1.1 (t)-2 ( ha)3.1 (s )-1.8 (no)-1.8 (t)-2.1 ( i)-12.8 (de)3.9 (nt)-1.9 (i)-2 (f)2.9 (i)-1.9 (e)3.9 (d a)4.8 (n)-20.7 (y)20.7 ( 12 )]TJ You do not need to do anything if you do not get a response. P)-4.7 (ur)3.7 (su)-1.8 (a)3 (nt)-1.9 ( t)-2 (o )-10 (t)-2 (he)3.1 ( C)-2.1 (a)3.1 (l)-1.9 (i)-1.2 (f)2.1 (or)2.9 (ni)-1.8 (a)3.9 ( C)-3 (ode)4.8 ( )]TJ Defendant Sample Requests for Admissions (Sent to Plaintiff) During the civil procedure, the Defendant must defend themselves against the allegations brought against them. The case of Vidal Sassoon, Inc. v. Superior Court (1983) 147 Cal. Here are some situations that break the codes governing Requests for Admission. 0.909091 0 0 0.909091 102.9337315 107.661828 cm You can ask your questions on the SoloSuit forum and the community will help you out. This remote exam will only qualify applicants for admission in Georgia. [(c)4 (onduc)4.8 (t)-2.8 (e)4.8 (d b)-20.8 (y)20.8 ( )-10.8 (B)7.8 (i)-2.8 (o/)-2 (d)-9.1 (y)19.9 (n)-10.8 (a)4.8 (m)-2.8 (i)-2 (c)4.8 (s)-1.8 ( doe)4.8 (s )-1.8 (no)-1.8 (t)-2.9 ( r)2.9 (e)3.1 (por)3 (t)-1.8 ( a)4.7 ( ki)-2.7 (dn)-9.2 (e)-6.8 (y)20.7 ( t)-1.9 (um)-2.8 (or)3.7 ( )-9.9 (f)2.1 (or)3 ( c)4.8 (ont)-1.9 (r)2.9 (ol)-1.9 ( )-10 (a)3.1 (ni)-1.9 (m)-1.2 (a)3.1 (l)-1.9 ( N)1.9 (o. [(st)-2.2 (udi)-2 (e)3.9 (s.)-1.8 ( )-1.8 (Notwi)-1.2 (t)-2.9 (hst)-4.8 (a)4.7 (ndi)-1.9 (ng Mo)-2 (ns)-3.9 (a)4.8 (nt)-1.9 (o\222)2.9 (s )-1.8 (ob)-1.8 (j)-2.9 (e)3.9 (c)3.2 (t)-2 (i)-1.1 (on, Mo)-2 (ns)-3 (a)3 (nto)-2 ( )]TJ )]TJ [(A)1.1 (D)2 (M)4 (IT)-4.8 (S)]TJ But, given that this deadline varies from state to state, it's important to verify your state's deadline upon receiving the request. /Icircumflex /Idieresis /Eth /Ntilde /Ograve /Oacute /Ocircumflex /Otilde /Odieresis /multiply It's crucial to understand how much time you have to respond to the request. /Resources 95 0 R ( )Tj 13 0 obj endobj /Length 125 0 R T* 332.51 0 Td Here's a list of guides for other states. (We can help you in all 50 states.). /Resources 103 0 R 104.03 792 0.83 -792 re T* q [(A)-7.1 (D)1.9 (M)3.1 (IT)-3.9 (S)]TJ x%0>7P{o2:Krc\_xJ5= +\n"bL}';.b.5|4}bHXVvK! (2)Tj <> << /Type /Page 36 -24 Td For example, here's how your responses should appear in a debt collection lawsuit. T* /Type /Page << /Type /Page -46.55 -48 Td [(de)4 (a)4.8 (dl)-2.7 (i)-2 (ne)4.6 (s )-1.8 (pr)1.1 (ovi)-1.9 (de)3.9 (d b)-19.9 (y)19.9 ( t)-1.9 (h)-10.9 (e)4 ( C)-2.9 (a)3.9 (l)-1.9 (i)-2 (f)2.9 (or)3.8 (ni)-2.7 (a)4.7 ( C)-2.9 (ode)3.9 ( of)2.1 ( C)-2 (i)-2 (vi)-12 (l)-2 ( P)-4.8 (r)3.7 (oc)4 (e)3.2 (dur)3 (e)4.8 (. /GS0 gs T* (10)Tj 9 i)-2 (n P)-3.1 (l)-2 (a)3.9 (i)-1.9 (nt)-2 (i)-2.8 (f)3.7 (f)3 (s\222 A)2.2 (m)-1.9 (e)4 (nde)4.8 (d a)4 (nd S)-3.9 (uppl)-2.9 (e)4.8 (m)-1.9 (e)3.9 (nt)-1.9 (a)3 (l )-2 (R)-4 (e)3.1 (que)4 (st)-3.8 (s )-2 (f)1.9 (or)3.8 ( A)2 (dm)-1.9 (i)-2.8 (ss)-3 (i)-2 (ons \()-8.4 (J)-10.2 (une)3.1 ( 29, 2017\))2.9 (])-6 (. 10. You must respond to each request individually. Requests for Productions. /Type /Page [( t)-1.9 (hi)-2.1 (s R)-3.3 (e)3.1 (que)4 (st)-3.9 (. Subject to the provisions ofRule 16governing amendment of a pre-trial order, the court may permit withdrawal or amendment when the presentation of the merits of the action will be subserved thereby and the party who obtained the admission fails to satisfy the court that withdrawal or amendment will prejudice him in maintaining his action or defense on the merits. Mass.gov is a registered service mark of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. What is the Deadline for a Defendants Answer to Avoid a Default Judgment? Copies of documents shall be served with the request unless they have been or are otherwise furnished or made available for inspection and copying. 37.07 0 Td [(w)2 (hi)-2 (c)4 (h w)2 (e)4.8 (r)-7.8 (e)4.8 ( su)-1.8 (bm)-4.7 (i)-2 (t)-2 (t)-1.1 (e)3 (d t)-1.9 (o r)3 (e)-5.1 (g)9.9 (ul)-2.8 (a)4.8 (t)-1.9 (or)-17.9 (y)20.8 ( a)-6.8 (ge)4.8 (nc)3.1 (ies i)-3.5 (n t)-1.1 (h)-10.9 (e)3.9 ( U)2.9 (ni)-2.8 (t)-2 (e)4.8 (d S)-4.8 (t)-2 (a)4 (t)-2 (e)4.8 (s )-1.8 (a)3 (nd ot)-1.9 (he)3 (r)-6 ( c)3.9 (ount)-1.9 (r)2.9 (i)-1.9 (e)3.1 (s.)-1.8 ( )-1.8 (M)-1.1 (onsa)1.1 (nt)-1.9 (o )]TJ -300.96 -24 Td (5. Mon)-1.8 (s)-1.9 (a)3 (nto)-2 ( o)-2 (t)-3 (he)3 (r)3 (w)2 (i)-1.9 (se)2.8 ( )]TJ /TT1 12 Tf x%0>7P{oi2:Krc\_xJ5= +7L}'&w]b.5|4}BbHXVvK! Mass. q 51 0 obj Please let us know how we can improve this page. 0.909091 0 0 0.909091 6.11554 36 cm (1. >> 1.0999999 0 0 1.0999999 -5.594463 -39.599996 cm T* /TT0 12 Tf 0.9091 0 0 0.9091 81.995 679.0819 Tm T* RESPONSE NO. T* Q ( )Tj Interrogatory No. /acircumflex /atilde /adieresis /aring /ae /ccedilla /egrave /eacute /ecircumflex /edieresis )10.8 ( )]TJ (12)Tj [(D)2.8 (E)-3.7 (N)2.7 (I)-1.8 (E)-2.9 (S)]TJ /Encoding 39 0 R /MediaBox [0 0 612 792] BT 1.0999999 0 0 1.0999999 -5.160446 -39.599996 cm /Rotate 0 The matter is admitted unless, within 30 days after service of the request, or within such shorter or longer time as the court may allow, the party to whom the request is directed serves upon the party requesting the admission either (1) a written statement signed by the party under the penalties of perjury specifically (i) denying the matter or (ii) setting forth in detail why the answering party cannot truthfully admit or deny the matter; or (2) a written objection addressed to the matter . /Contents [64 0 R 65 0 R 66 0 R] )]TJ 38 0 obj 5. . Use of its products are governed by its Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and Legal Disclaimer. This note will focus on discovery procedures pursuant to California's Code of Civil Procedure. << M)-1.9 (onsa)2.8 (nt)-11.9 (o obj)-2 (e)3.1 (c)4 (t)-2 (s )-1.8 (t)-2.1 (o t)-2 (he)3.1 ( phr)3 (a)4.8 (se)2.1 ( )-10.8 (\223)3.9 (c)-5.9 (hr)3 (oni)-2 (c)4 ( t)-2 (ox)-9.1 (i)-2.9 (c)4.8 (i)-1.9 (t)-12 (y)29.9 ( st)-3.8 (ud)-20.9 (y)20.8 (\224)4 ( )-10.8 (a)4.8 (s)-1.8 ( va)4.8 (g)10 (u)-9.9 (e)3 (, be)-4.8 (c)3.1 (a)4 (use)2.8 ( )]TJ 0.909091 0 0 0.909091 4.575684 36 cm T* We were holding an evaluation services for sample response to request for admissions massachusetts probation terms of nursing applicants who plays an international citizens applying to. (15)Tj Otherwise, each of the matter of which an admission is requested and demanded shall be deemed admitted by you in accordance with Rule 36 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. /Type /Page If you have already filed an Answer to the Complaint, you might receive a response from the plaintiff in the form of a Request for Admissions. /TT1 12 Tf /Fm0 Do ( )Tj -39.96 -12 Td 43 0 obj (7)Tj uuid:6655538f-926d-4155-9895-cad3e0717c55 Q Motions to compel further responses to interrogatories, requests for productions of documents and requests for admissions require that the motion be filed within 45 days. [(D)2 (i)-2 (vi)-1.1 (si)-4 (on c)3.9 (onc)3.1 (l)-1.9 (ude)3.9 (d t)-1.9 (ha)4.8 (t)-2.8 ( t)-2 (he)4.8 ( r)3 (e)3.2 (na)3.9 (l)-1.9 ( t)-2 (ubul)-1.1 (e)3 ( )-9 (a)3.9 (de)3.2 (nom)-2 (a)4 (s)-10.1 ( f)2.9 (ound i)-1.9 (n t)-2.9 (he)4.8 ( m)-1.9 (i)-2.9 (d-)3.8 ( a)3.1 (nd hig)7.9 (h-)3 (dos)-11.8 (e)4 ( )-9.1 (g)9.1 (r)3.8 (oup )]TJ Q T* /Contents [80 0 R 81 0 R 82 0 R] >> 0.909091 0 0 0.909091 5.286072 36 cm (20)Tj (21)Tj Please limit your input to 500 characters. The Complaint (or Petition) is the document that initiates a debt lawsuit. /GS0 gs [(i)-1.1 (nqui)-2 (r)-7.9 (y)20.8 ( i)-2.8 (nt)-2 (o t)-2 (he)4 ( i)-2 (nf)3.8 (or)3 (m)-1.9 (a)3.9 (t)-1.9 (i)-12 (on t)-2 (ha)3.1 (t)-1.1 ( i)-2 (s )-2 (kn)-2 (own )1.7 (or)4 ( r)3 (e)4.8 (a)4 (di)-12.7 (l)-12 (y)20.7 ( obt)-2.7 (a)4.7 (i)-1.9 (na)3.9 (bl)-1.9 (e)3.1 (, i)-1.1 (t)-2 ( ha)3.1 (s )-1.8 (no)-1.8 (t)-2.1 ( i)-12.8 (de)3.9 (nt)-1.9 (i)-2 (f)2.9 (i)-1.9 (e)3.9 (d a)4.8 (n)-20.7 (y)20.7 ( 12 )]TJ 1 0 0 1 152.3695068 766 cm /Type /Page . /TT0 12 Tf /odieresis /divide /oslash /ugrave /uacute /ucircumflex /udieresis /yacute /thorn /ydieresis] BT /CropBox [0 0 612 792] 1028. 44.77 0 Td /Type /Catalog )]TJ /TT0 9.96 Tf /Length 143 0 R (27)Tj Share sensitive information only on official, secure websites. /TT0 9.96 Tf Q Q produce documents made in these Responses and Objections constitutes an admission as to the existence or nonexistence of documents or information by the Committee. (2)Tj )]TJ [(R)2 (E)-2.1 (S)-4 (P)10 (O)-1.9 (N)1.9 (S)-3.9 (E)-2.1 (:)]TJ 106.55 66.35 470.88 -0.48 re Sample requests for admission and examples of how to answer requests for admission in accident, malpractice and other tort claims. T* x+ | ET T* 41 Denied. /Annots [] q The propounding party will file a motion to have the admissions admitted. REQUEST NO. 0.71 -791.16 l )25.903 (1)]TJ /Parent 14 0 R << BT /Rotate 0 T* (18)Tj [(3)6.8 (4)6.8 (8)21.806 (1)8.095 (2)6.899 (\\)23.898 (6)21.806 (2)6.899 (6)21.793 (1)5.604 (3)21.806 (8)6.8 (3)8.095 (. /TT0 12 Tf /Artifact <>BDC [(i)-1.1 (f)2.1 ( r)3 (e)4.8 (st)-4.7 (a)4.8 (t)-1.9 (e)3.9 (d i)-1.9 (n f)2.9 (ul)-1.9 (l)-2 (. [(a)4 (r)3.8 (e)4 ( not)-1.9 ( j)-2 (us)-1.9 (t)-2 (i)-2 (f)2.9 (i)-1.9 (e)4.8 (d b)-20.7 (y)20.7 ( t)-2.8 (he)4.8 ( sc)-8.7 (i)-2 (e)3.9 (nt)-1.9 (i)-2 (f)3 (i)-2 (c)3.9 ( e)4.9 (vi)-1.9 (de)3.9 (nc)-5.9 (e)3.9 (.\224)]TJ (17)Tj )]TJ 7: Admit that on or about September 20, 2006 Plaintiff purchased the Vehicle RESPONSE: Admitted, as the Request is written. /Contents [44 0 R 45 0 R 46 0 R] f /Resources 107 0 R 106.55 66.35 470.88 -0.48 re /TT0 9.96 Tf << III. (5)Tj /Type /Page /TT0 12 Tf >> << 0.9091 0 0 0.9091 6.1155 36 Tm Q << Q These answers are legally binding, and the opposing party must answer them truthfully or run the risk of committing perjury. R. Civ. T* /CropBox [0 0 612 792] /XObject 140 0 R [(t)-2.8 (he)4.8 ( r)2.9 (e)3.2 (que)4.8 (s)-1.7 (t)-2 ( t)-2 (o t)-2 (he)3.9 ( e)4.9 (x)-10 (t)-1.9 (e)3 (nt)-1.1 ( i)-1.9 (t)-2.1 ( su)-2 (g)8.1 (g)10.9 (e)3.1 (st)-3.8 (s t)-2.3 (ha)3 (t )-2 (M)-12.9 (onsa)1.9 (nt)-1.9 (o ha)4.8 (s)-1.8 ( not)-2 ( )]TJ -29.975 -24 Td (28)Tj << 49.55 0 Td /Fm0 Do [(R)2 (E)-2.1 (S)-4 (P)10 (O)-1.9 (N)1.9 (D)2.9 (I)-1.7 (N)-7.2 (G)7.1 ( )-9.1 (P)10.9 (A)2 (R)2 (T)-12.9 (Y)1.1 (:)-6.1 ( )-1050.8 (D)1.9 (e)4 (f)-6.9 (e)3.9 (n)-3.9 (d)-3.2 (an)-4.8 (t)3.7 ( M)4 (O)-1.9 (N)1.9 (S)-3.9 (A)1.9 (N)2 (T)-2.9 (O)-2 ( C)1.9 (O)-1.9 (M)3.9 (PA)3.2 (N)2 (Y)2 ( )-9.1 ( )]TJ How to Respond to RFAs. /Parent 15 0 R 1 0 obj ( )Tj 1 0 0 1 152.3695068 766 cm /Parent 14 0 R (22)Tj T* [(l)-1.1 (i)-2 (st)-4.9 (e)4.8 (d a)3.1 (s )-1.8 (No)2 (. 1 IS NOT TRUE. /TT0 12 Tf (6)Tj /Artifact <>BDC >> ANSWER "DENIED" IF ANY PART OF THE STATEMENT IN REQUEST NO. T* T* q [(A)2 (dm)-2 (i)-1.1 (t)-2 ( t)-2 (ha)3.9 (t)-1.9 ( a)3.1 (f)2.9 (t)-1.9 (e)3.9 (r)3.9 ( r)13 (e)4 (c)3.2 (e)4.8 (i)7.1 (pt )-2 (o)8.9 (f)3 ( EP)-2.7 (A)1.9 (\222)2.2 (s )8.8 (J)-10.9 (ul)-12.8 (y)19.8 ( )30.9 (29, 1985 l)-2.8 (e)4.8 (t)-11.9 (t)-2 (e)3 (r)3 (, Mo)-1.8 (ns)-2.8 (a)4 (nt)-2 (o st)-4 (a)4 (t)-2 (e)14 (d t)8.8 (ha)3.1 (t)8.9 ( EP)-2.7 (A)2.7 (\222)13 (s )]TJ 55 0 obj T* /Author () /Annots [] The Responding Party objects to this request for admission as it does not comply with Code of Civil Procedure Section 2033.060(d), which provides: . /MediaBox [0 0 612 792] << endobj [(t)-1.9 (ha)4.7 (t)-2.7 ( t)-2 (he)4.7 ( s)-1.8 (t)-1.9 (a)4.7 (t)7.1 (e)4 (m)-1.9 (e)4.8 (nt)-2.8 (s )-2 (m)-2.9 (a)4.7 (de)4 ( i)-1.9 (n t)-2 (he)3.9 ( c)3.2 (i)-2 (t)-1.1 (e)3.1 (d )-10 (doc)4.8 (um)-1.9 (e)3.9 (nt)-1.9 ( )]TJ /Name /ZaDb endobj /DR 12 0 R 0.909091 0 0 0.909091 4.691315 36 cm T* Unless the court determines that an objection is justified, it shall order that an answer be served. BT /Annots [] Typically, you may admit, deny, or claim that you neither admit nor deny a request. T* (19)Tj T* )-3.002 (\222)-4.297 (S)1.697 ( )-1.898 (R)3.203 (E)-14.408 (S)1.707 (P)-10.201 (ON)-2.701 (SES )-3.203 (T)-15.502 (O )-2.902 (P)-10.201 (L)8.504 (A)10.1 (I)-4.197 (NT)-16.305 (I)-5.402 (F)1.707 (F)1.797 (\222)8.695 (S)1.807 ( )-15 (F)1.697 (I)-4.297 (R)-8.705 (S)1.707 (T)-14.408 ( )-2.992 (R)4.297 (E)-4.398 (QU)-1.707 (E)-5.201 (S)2.6 (T)-15.392 (S )-1.506 (F)1.697 (OR)3.504 ( )-2.902 (AD)-1.697 (M)-3.303 (I)-5.402 (S)-9.197 (SI)-3.002 (ON)-1.697 (S)-11.998 ( )]TJ BT The motion should include your explanation of why you failed to respond to the request on time. (28)Tj This period may differ depending on state rules, the court handling the lawsuit, or the Rules of Civil Procedure. (20)Tj /Count 0 << q [(Mons)-1.4 (a)3.1 (nt)-2 (o C)-2.1 (om)-2 (pa)3.9 (n)-10.7 (y)20.7 ( \()-7.7 (\223)3.9 (M)-10.1 (onsa)1.9 (nt)-1.9 (o\224)3 (\))3 ( he)4.9 (r)-7.8 (e)3.9 (b)-19.9 (y)19.9 ( r)-6.9 (e)3.9 (sp)-1.8 (on)-10.9 (ds)-1.9 ( pur)3.8 (su)-1.8 (a)3 (nt)-1.9 ( t)-2 (o C)-3.9 (a)4.8 (l)-1.9 (i)-2.9 (f)3.8 (or)3 (ni)-1.9 (a)3 ( )-9.9 (C)-3 (ode)3.9 ( of)3.9 ( C)-3.8 (i)-2 (vi)-1.9 (l)-1.2 ( )]TJ Whether you need help now are are just look for support, we're here for you. Q (10)Tj T* [(r)3 (e)4.8 (s)-1.7 (t)-2 (a)4.7 (t)-2.7 (e)4.7 (d i)-1.9 (n f)2.9 (ul)-1.9 (l)-2 (. T* (8)Tj You can use SoloSuit to respond to a debt lawsuit, to send letters to collectors, and even to settle a debt. /Type /Page C)-3.7 (o)9.9 (de)4 ( \247 1013\()3.8 (a)4 (\))2.1 ( )-9.8 (\()3.7 (w)2 (he)3.1 (n )]TJ T* ( )Tj - Heather. Why do debt collectors block their phone numbers? What is a default judgment? What do I do? (m)Tj 67.32 0 Td endobj Certificate of Service 29.4 648.61 Td 574.8 791.16 0.71 -791.16 re endobj . /TT0 12 Tf 3 0 obj 3: I admit that I owe the debt of $10,000, but I deny owing an additional interest of $1000. /XObject 134 0 R T* endstream Q Typically, requests for admission involve discoverable information that pertains to the lawsuit, and how the law applies to that information. X/g. [(ON)-2.701 (S)-10.301 (A)10.1 (NT)-16.104 (O)-1.898 ( )-3.002 (C)5.201 (O)-1.797 (. California Evidence Code section 140 defines "evidence" as information "offered to prove the existence or nonexistence of a fact." During discovery the parties do not offer anything to prove anything. 1.0999999 0 0 1.0999999 -5.0332519 -39.599996 cm A responding party has five options when answering requests for admission: (1) admit; (2) deny; (3) admit/deny in part; (4) object; and (5) explain why the question cannot be answered. endobj /Kids [14 0 R 15 0 R] [(P)11 (L)-3 (A)1.9 (INT)-2.7 (I)-10.9 (FF)12.7 (\222)2.9 (S)-3.9 ( R)1.9 (E)-3.7 (Q)-2 (U)1.9 (E)-12.9 (S)-4 (T)-2.2 (S)-4 ( F)10.1 (O)-1.9 (R)1.9 ( A)2.9 (D)2 (M)3.1 (IS)-4 (S)-4.9 (IO)-4 (N)1.9 (S)-3.1 ( A)1.1 (N)2 (D)2 ( M)4.9 (O)-2 (N)2 (S)-4.8 (A)2.7 (N)2.1 (T)-3.8 (O)-2 (\222)3.8 (S)-4.8 ( R)1.9 (E)-2.9 (S)-3.1 (P)10.9 (O)-2.8 (N)2.8 (S)-4.8 (E)-3 (S)-3.1 ( )]TJ endobj /TT0 12 Tf (16)Tj [(A)1.1 (D)2 (M)4.9 (I)-1.8 (T)-3 (S)]TJ As a result, the judge will consider the admissions as true, reducing your chances of proving otherwise. 36 0 Td 51.12 0 Td [(a)4 (f)3.8 (t)-2.7 (e)4.7 (r)3 ( Mo)-1.8 (ns)-2.8 (a)3.1 (nt)-1.1 (o )-10.9 (r)3 (e)4.8 (c)-6.8 (e)4.8 (i)-1.9 (ve)3.9 (d )-10.7 (EP)-1.4 (A)1.1 (\222)3 (s )-1.8 (J)-12 (ul)-11.1 (y)29.9 ( 29, 1985 l)-1.9 (e)3.9 (t)-1.9 (t)-12 (e)3 (r)3 ( \()3.9 (MON)-7.7 (G)-7.1 (L)10 (Y)2.9 (04269006-)-7.8 (07\))3 (. T* Part 1 Answering the Request for Admissions Download Article 1 Find your deadline for responding. /Type /Page Any matter admitted under this rule is conclusively established unless the court on motion permits withdrawal or amendment of the admission. lost and found pets of upstate sc, jogee: not the end of a legal saga but the start of one, byzantine empire trade routes,